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New Year, New Toys.....err Tools!

Erik Hecht

I decided to spoil myself for 2016 and get a couple shiny new toys to make filmmaking life easier.  First up is the Sony FS5; a Super 35mm camera that's a run n gun cameraman's dream come true.  The camera shoots 4K onto dual (simultaneous if you want) SD cards, is compact, modular, and surprisingly light.  It also offers some awesome slow motion options in HD and has a revolutionary electronic variable ND filter that I guarantee will soon become a standard feature in all mid to high end video cameras.  Oh, and one battery lasts all day.  No more returning to my hotel room with my pockets full of tiny drained DSLR batteries at the end of a shoot day.  

Next up is my new Letus Helix Jr; an ultra compact brushless gimbal (think steadicam) that balances in no time and is adjustable via a handy iPhone app.  AND with its flat bottom design you can actually set it down on the ground without a stand.  Go ahead, look at the picture again.  I'll wait.... but seriously, the little added bonus not having to carry around a stand for this thing to rest on makes an enormous difference.  Perhaps my favorite thing about it though is that it fits, fully assembled with a camera mounted, in a carry-on size case.  No getting tossed around by TSA for this guy.  

I've got a shoot in a couple days that I'm going to shoot almost entirely with this setup pictured.  I'm stoked.