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I love getting emails.  I especially love getting emails about photo & video projects.  

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Cine Reel

A quick taste of some of my finest moments as a world famous camera guy.  

With the world unraveling above, Molly must fight for her humanity below. Written and Directed by Erik Hecht.



An experiment in double imagery and human emotion. 

ICELAND // From My Eye

Shot over the course of 6 days in Iceland using the Panasonic LX100.  Music by McKenzie Stubbert.




Dasein: The Art of Being

I shot and edited this short documentary for Chase Jarvis during his month-long artist in residency at the Ace Hotel in New York City.  Minimal gear, no crew, just two dudes hanging out in New York and making art.  



Seattle in 4k

What better way to test a new camera than to hang off the side of a helicopter with it?


Unnatural Selection

I spent several weeks spying on Michael Alm with my camera to make this promo video for his Unnatural Selection collection.  A 20 minute version of this video played on a loop at the opening night to give gallery-goers a glimpse into the magnitude of work that went into creating the art pieces.  




Benevolent Mischief [autograffiti remix]

I "remixed" Chase Jarvis' short film Benevolent Mischief into a music video for Seattle hip hop artist Ra Scion, [who starred in the original short].  I was the director of photography for the musical performance scenes, as well as a camera operator for the original piece and the editor for both videos.  





I thought up the idea for this video while cleaning up some spilt orange juice.  Then I shot it.  Then I sent it to my composer friend McKenzie Stubbert to make it better.  




REI Tech Trail Spot

I was the jib operator and editor for this broadcast spot for REI.  Porting the jib around the Lanikai Pill Box Trail was an excellent workout.